Alien Puzzle Toy

Uncle Goose Toys

This month I had another project for Uncle Goose Toys, a local wooden toy manufacturer. This was a ‘sequel’ to a toy I’d worked on with this client the previous year, and was a series of wooden blocks with pictures printed on the four sides, and you could rearrange the blocks to make different faces and bodies. This one was an ‘alien’ theme, and is still available to purchase here and there on the internet (if you follow the link, you’ll also see a set of Nursury Rhyme Blocks that I also designed a year or so earlier — both make great christmas gifts for younger children).

October Scratchboards

ChronicleHE, Gemini Publications, Legal Times, National Business Employment Weekly, Newsday

2nd month of digital work, and still getting used to the new materials. The above illustration was for the National Business Employment Weekly, who kept me fairly busy over the next year, but unfortunately folded near the end of ’98.

The illustrations to the left and right were bookend drawings for an article on race relations for Grand Rapids Magazine. I usually provided cartoon work for this client, but they wanted to try something a little harder edged for this particular story.

I had a few illustrations this month for the Chronicle of Higher Education. The ‘pegboard’ illustration, the ‘SAT’ illustration and the ‘dollar sword’ below that were all for this client during the month of October.

I also had a small logo design project for a local comedy troupe. I seem to remember this was a job that came to me through Grand Rapids Magazine, where my wife worked at the time.

I also had a couple illustrations for Newsday. One of them a ‘militia man’ illustration, and the other a same day editorial piece on the ‘promise keepers’.

And finally, for Legal Times, I had a caricature of Bill Clinton (and not a particularly good one). This one seems to be a strange hybrid between my scratchboard and cartoon styles.

October Odds and Ends

Carus Publishing, Cricket, Metro Detroit Parent, Newsday

The illustration above was the cover of a special automobile supplement for Newsday. This was one of several of these annual covers I would do over the next three or four years for this client, and was the first one that I did digitally (I seem to remember doing one more in the pre-digital days, but I’ll have to double check that). I’m getting a little more confident with my ‘color’ work on the computer, but still haven’t settled down into a comfortable methodology.

The pair of illustrations below were for Cricket magazine. This was the first digital assignment that I did for this long time client (the first assignment coming in my first year of business back in ’89), and the first assignment I’d gotten from them after a long hiaitus (a year or more).

I also had a few cartoon assignments this month. The illustration above was for Metro Creative Graphics, who I had been doing much work for over the previous 5 years. All of the work for this client previously is MIA. Artwork was never returned, so this is one of the rare surviving examples of the mountain of clip art work that I did for Metro, thanks to digital backup. The illustration to the left was a rather strange combination of cartoon and scratchboard and was for my agent, for Metro Parent magazine, as was the ‘Mother Goose at a computer’ illustration below.

Life Drawing Class

Figure Studies, personal

From time to time, I’ve audited a life drawing class down at the local community college, as a way of keeping my skills fresh, and to get out of the rut of purely commissioned work. Records are nonexistent for these drawings, so I’m just guessing when they were done, and which class they went with. I think these were all from about the same period, sometime in the mid-nineties.