Spiders and Elephants Oh My

ChronicleHE, Newsday

Records and surviving artwork are a bit spotty prior to August ’97 (and get spottier the earlier I go). In some cases, artwork didn’t get returned from the client, in other cases there were periodic ‘purges’ of the flat files by myself just to clear up the clutter. I’m looking through the invoices for July of ’97 and only came across two pieces that I recognized from the archives. The illustration above was for the Chronicle of Higher Education and probably had something to do with the Republicans. The illustration below was a ‘same day’ assignment for Newsday. During these days I was doing scratchboard on white scratchboard paper, applying ink with a brush and then scraping off with a surgical blade. These were special blades that I had stumbled upon back in the early days and bought a gross of them in case they stopped being manufactured because they were such nice scratchboard stylus tools. They had both a sharp point, and a rounded edge so that I could get a good variety of line widths depending on how I held the blade.