Last of Alfred Hitchcock for a few years

AHMM, Newsday

One of earliest national magazine clients back in my first year of business (’89) was Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, who gave me a steady stream of monthly assignments off and on throughout my career. A couple times the work stopped for a period of 6 months to a year, but then would start up again. After a steady stream of assignments during the past couple years, I stopped hearing from them again after this particular assignment, and wouldn’t hear back from them again for a few years. The pay for these has never been all that high, but I enjoy the work and the challenge, since I rarely ever have the chance to illustrate these sort of fiction assignments except with this client. This one was one of my favorite illustrations for this magazine in the ‘pre-computer’ days. Nice and simple, and with good use of positive and negative space, and also manages to be somewhat suspenseful with a minimum of visual clues.

Records and surviving artwork are rather spotty prior to August ’97, and of the invoices that I researched for the month of June, I only recognized a few pieces from the archives. This illustration below was a ‘same day’ assignment for Newsday.