Downsizing the USA




This would be the last Eerdman’s assignment I would get (and it was a good 3 years since the last contact I had with them). I rather enjoyed doing this spoof of the ‘Tower of Babel’ painting. The original art has been lost to the winds of time, but I managed to get ahold of a copy of the book twenty years later (where this photo comes from).

In “Print”

AHMM, Carus Publishing, Cricket, Newsday

The illustration above was a ‘same day’ assignment from Newsday for an article entitled ‘Is Chess a Sport?’.

The illustration below was another fiction piece for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, about a murder that takes place in an abandoned cliff dwelling.

The illustration above was for Cricket magazine. Interestingly, the illustration was picked up as an example for an article entitled “Pee Wee Reads” for the May/June ’98 issue of “Print” magazine. I found a copy of the magazine that it appeared in, and the scans above and below were taken from the printed edition. I’ve included a scan of the page from ‘Print’ below that.

Also, according to my invoices, I had a new client this month, although I don’t remember the job. Bostonia Magazine.