Nursery Rhyme Blocks

Uncle Goose Toys
Uncle Goose Nursery Rhyme Blocks, 1997

In January and February I participated in designing some wooden toy blocks for a local toy manufacturer, Uncle Goose Toys. These were based on various nursery rhymes and had a simple sillouete embossed on two sides and text printed on the other sides. These are still available through the manufacturer here and make great gifts for younger children.

Around this time (’97, ’98) I also worked on a few other toys for this client, and some are also still available from the same site. I did the illustrations for a ‘Barnyard Jumble’ Face Changing toy (link here), and a few cd covers for reissues of old children’s recordings (link here). I also did a Face Changing toy later in ’97 that I think is now out of print, but might be still available through another vendor (link here).