Java Snob Review issue number 1

Cover for First Issue of “Java Snob Review” (with hand printed unique ‘coffee stain ring’)

Around the summer of ’96, I was starting to get a little restless and bored, and me and my sister came upon the idea of self publishing a ‘poetry anthology’. She would be editor and I would be the art director, although we both had a hand in reading and selecting content to be included. We put an ad in a few poetry journals seeking submissions of ‘poetry, prose, artwork and photography’, and we were frankly astounded at the amount of work we received (a lot heavier on the prose and poetry, with submissions of art and photos were pretty rare).
We printed up a couple thousand copies and self distributed (very haphazardly and poorly organized), and the design of our first issue was with a cream colored cover, with self applied ‘coffee rings’ on each copy (using a coffee mug and some Dr. Martin’s Yellow Ochre dye).

This would last two more quarterly issues before we eventually pulled the plug in ’97.