Legal Art

America, Legal Times

These two illustrations were for Legal Times. ‘Uncle Sam’ was in May of ’96 and I’m not sure about the date of the ‘umbrella’ illustration below, but I’m guessing it was probably nearer to the end of my ‘traditional media’ days, perhaps sometime in early ’97.

Also in May of ’96 I started hearing from a Jesuit publication, America magazine. They started out purchasing reprints of art that had appeared in US Catholic, but several years later they started purchasing original commissioned work.

Mystery Assignments


Judging from the style of this one, I’m guessing that this piece was completed sometime around mid ’96 or early ’97. I can’t find a match in my invoices with a description that sounds like anything similar. My memory tells me that I did this for Newsday, but I can’t find any corraborating evidence for that notion.