Jesus Part 1


This was one of two similar pieces that I did in March and April for the Christian Reformed Church’s ongoing curriculum project. Most of the artwork from this client (and other religious clients) have survived because occasional requests for ‘rescanning’ of artwork saved much of it from my frequent ‘flat file purges’.

Also in March of ’96 I began working with a stock art reprint company called Pen Tip Features in the marketing and sales of older black and white illustrations. For the next several years older drawings of mine were popping up in small to medium sized newspapers all over the country on a monthly basis. I didn’t have to do much more than send photocopies of old art to the guy that ran the show, and he would send me a check once a month for the royalties. Sadly the owner died several years later, which brought an end to the business. The only drawback, I felt, was that I had little or no control how my work was being reproduced or utilized, and after a while, I began to get the feeling that I was competing for work with my own bargain basement priced drawings. A similar operation was started up by a friend of the deceased owner a few years later, but I was starting to sour on the whole idea of ‘mass marketing reprints’ by this time, (plus the fact that the new owner wanted to commission original work by me and with his own idea of ‘fair market value’ to third party clients) and the relationship didn’t last very long.