North Star Road


I picked up a new client in 1996, Llewellyn Worldwide, and was asked to provide several woodcut style illustrations for a book on the wiccan religion called “North Star Road”. A decade would pass before I worked with this client again, when I would begin working on their ‘Witches Companion’ covers starting with the 2008 edition and I just finished working on the 2020 edition (writing this in 2018), also providing many black and white interior illustrations for the ten or so editions (along with other illustrators).

Two of the illustrations I provided did not make it into the book (the one pictured to the left, and the illustration of the witch on a broomstick pictured below), but I liked the ‘naked on a goat’ picture well enough that I ended up using it again on a self promotional brochure later in the year.

I have previously only shared a handful of samples from this project, but lately have been going back and being a little more comprehensive in sharing all the illustrations from these book projects. Sometimes the original art is lost (as some of it was in this case), and the samples that I am posting below are photos taken from a sample copy of the book that I recently purchased on eBay. So, for the first time since publication, here are all the illustrations that appeared in ‘North Star Road’.


NorthStarRoad2 NorthStarRoad1


Children’s Book Samples


This was a sample piece of art that I worked up for a story that my brother was writing. This was set underwater in a fishing lake, and involved a worm’s desperate attempts to avoid getting eaten (if I remember it correctly). This was one of my brother’s better story ideas I thought, and I still think it deserves another chance. I don’t know if the story was ever completed, or ever sent out to publishers, but I wouldn’t mind giving this another shot. I think if I were doing it nowadays, I might avoid items like the general’s helmet, and instead try to work a ‘four star’ pattern onto the fish’s back by way of identification, and also, if I were to do this again, I think I’d do the fish a bit more realistically. I do like the worm character, and I had the idea of perhaps continuing the ‘sign joke’ as a running gag throughout the book, commenting on the action.

I don’t remember exactly when I did this piece of art, I’m thinking it was somewhere around ’96 or ’97.