Tall Skinny Postcard

Self Promotion

In order the change things up a bit, I sent out a postcard with a little different size this time. This was a recycled image from a book project that I had done in the summer for a midwest catholic publisher. I also included a couple small black and white images in two of my more recognizable styles, so as not to confuse prospective clients too much. I had promoted the ‘acrylic style’ only once before on a calendar brochure a few years before.

Xmas Party 1995


Me and my wife used to host an xmas party every year from 1984 through 1995, and this was the last year’s invitation. Perhaps I was running out steam, perhaps the core group of friends and family were migrating onward, but it just began to feel like more of a chore than a joy, and after this year’s party, we hung up our spurs. Perhaps we may resurrect the parties of old someday, but to be honest, I think I always enjoyed doing the invitations to actually hosting the party itself.

I had lost most of the originals for these invitations, but then discovered a cache of them that my Dad had collected over the years, when we were going through his stuff after his death in 2014.