Children’s Magazine Work


This assignment was for Cricket magazine. I wanted to revisit the acrylic paint technique that I had used to complete a book assignment earlier in the year to some success. This one didn’t turn out so nice. I’ve only included the opening illustration here in this post, as the other three illustrations weren’t that impressive. The original art for this one I no longer have, so I scanned the image from a copy of the magazine I have in my collection. This was a story about a young native american boy who goes on a hunting trip with the help of a guardian spirit in the form of a raven (if I remember correctly).

Shadow Boxing


This one’s a mystery. I can’t find an invoice that matches the description of this illustration. There is a small clue in pencil scribbled on the back that it was published in 11/95, but other than that I don’t remember who the client was, or what the topic was (boxing obviously). I seem to remember this being a Newsday assignment, but I can’t find the paperwork to back that idea up.