Web Site and Other Mailings

Self Promotion
First Website Launch Postcard, 1995

Sometime in either late ’94 or early ’95 I began playing around with the idea of advertising online with a website of samples. Previously, I had been keeping a couple ‘traveling portfolios’ that I would send out to clients (and sometimes get back), and I thought it might be an easier way to let clients see my work. I can’t imagine what may have been posted on this early web site, as anything that would appear there would be scanned artwork, and the fact that I had used AOL as the hosting site shows how little I knew of web design and marketing at the time. A few years later we eventually bought our own domain name and hosting sites, which worked out a lot better. This was the first postcard announcing the web site. It may have been included with another package, but I don’t quite remember.

Postcard, recycled from Book Project, 1995