1995 – Coasting Along

Year In Review
AAA Magazine, 1995

1995 wasn’t much different from 1994. A lot of the same clients, plus a couple new ones for the short term. I did add one new client, the American Bar Association, who I have continued to do work for until the present day, plus I had a series of book illustration projects for Christian Schools International (a 4 volume collection of stories, in which I was one of several contributing artists, see separate post for two of these books). I also had my first cover assignment for Cricket Magazine. Another plane trip to Minnesota to meet with St. Mary’s Press.

American Bar Association, 1995

My work was improving, and I was settling down into at least 3 or 4 distinct styles (scratchboard, cartoon, painterly acrylic and line art). My income was more than I was making when working a ‘real job’, and I had a lot of free time to spend with my family, so I was feeling pretty good about life in general. But I could feel a little twinge of burnout, especially with regards to all the work I was doing for the Evangelical clients.

First Cricket Cover, 1995
Unpublished self promo piece, 1995
New York Newsday supplement cover, 1995