Book Project (I think)

St. Mary's Press

This is a rather mysterious set of illustrations. I can’t find an invoice to correspond with these, but my memory leads me to believe that this was for another book project for St Mary’s Press that I’d been doing work for during ’94-96. I’m guessing these were done somewhere late in ’94. I kind of like the bold woodcut look of these, much better looking than most of the scratchboards I was doing around this period. (of course, there is also the outside chance that these were done for the Christian Reformed Church, who I was also doing a lot of work for during this period)


Christianity Today, CRC

The above illustration for the Christian Reformed Church was for a magazine article, something about ‘seeing through the fog’, if I remember correctly. I had done a few acrylics before, mostly as self promo pieces, trying to sell a new style that was similar to the light pastel look, but more durable for mailing. This was one of the earlier paying jobs with this style though. I ended up taking this painting with me to Minnesota the following summer to sell the idea of doing the next book project in acrylics.

I also had another batch of small black and white spot illustrations for Marriage Partnership (Christianity Today) this month. I don’t quite remember the specific topics, but this was usually for a ‘men’s issues’ column that I contributed to for a couple of years.

Xmas Party 1994


Above is the outside cover of the invitation for our 10th Annual Xmas Party, and below is the interior. We discovered a stash of these old party invites in a keepsake drawer of my father’s when he passed away in 2014. I hadn’t seen nor even thought of these invitations in twenty years.