William S. Hart Postcard

Self Promotion

Records regarding when I sent postcards and mailers out are very spotty, and I have to rely on clues in the postcard copy to base when I sent each of them out. This one above was probably sometime in the mid-90’s but I’m only guessing. (it has an AOL email address on the back, but no web site address, so I hadn’t started advertising online yet).

New Clients for the short term and the Long Haul


This was the first ‘same day’ assignment I got from the Long Island newspaper Newsday, who would continue to give me fairly steady work for the next 14 years (and beyond). I remember this one fairly clearly, as this was in the ‘pre-computer’ days, and I had to run up to the library to research this person’s likeness (and a picture of the ‘bordon cow logo’), run back home, sketch it up, finish the scratchboard, run down to the copy shop, enlarge it as much as possible and then fax the enlargement to the client, so he could then shrink it back down again to use as original art in his layout. And be on call to do the same thing again should he call the next day, or next week.

Also this month I had my first assignment for a children’s newspaper sunday supplement, Kids Today. I got a few follow up assignments from this client in the coming months, before the periodical folded in the spring of ’95. I also had my first assignment for Prevention magazine this month, and would receive a few follow ups from this client as well.