Back to the Future

CRC, Legal Times

You know you are digging deep into the archives, when you find an illustration like this. This was for the Chronicle of Higher Education, and went with a story about libraries computerizing their ‘card catalogs’. Hard to believe that we were still looking books up in card catalogs as late as this, but come to think of it, I do remember looking up some reference material in this way for a few of my earlier jobs. This was another of the originals spared from my regular ‘purges of the flat files’ returned to me by the client in the summer of ’07 after languishing in one of their forgotten cupboards.

The piece below is a sample of several illustrations I did this month for the Christian Reformed Church’s ongoing curriculum project.

Mystery Spots

St. Mary's Press

These are a series of four spots that I found in the archives, but I’m not really sure where they belong. From the style and presentation, I’d guess they were sometime from the mid-nineties. They might have been part of the St Mary’s Press book projects from the summers of ’94 & ’95, but I could be wrong. The spots below were probably also from the same batch.