Primitive Early Painting

ChronicleHE, Worldwide Church of God

The illustration to the left was another scratchboard assignment for the Chronicle of Higher Education. This was one of a batch of illustrations that were recently returned by the client when they were cleaning out their offices and found an envelope of my artwork (late ’07).

The illustration below was one of the earliest examples of an ‘acrylic painting’ style that I was experimenting with, as a replacement for pastels, which were much harder to send to clients, and generally much messier to archive and store. This one was for The Worldwide Church of God for their ‘Plain Truth’ magazine. This one is rather primitive, but by the next year, I was improving my skills in this medium and used it for a multi-image book project.

Also this month, and the month before, I started doing some work for a Pennsylvania advertising firm, Ball Advertising. I started out doing a packaging illustration for an ice cream company (Kemps), and it would grow to a quarterly newsletter assignment over the next couple years. I don’t remember what any of this artwork looked like, as the originals were never returned, and I never saw any of the final printed pieces.

Other new clients this month included Mature Living magazine and Christian Home & School, a local parenting publication who would go on to be a fairly steady client in the coming years.

Various Cartoon Spots


The color spots in this posting were all done for the Christian Reformed Church for their ongoing school curriculum project during the 90s. A few of them were probably dated around April of ’94, but some of them I’m unsure of when they were published.