1994 – High Water Mark

Year In Review
First New York Newsday Assignment, 1994

This year would prove to be the high point of my ‘Pre-Digital’ years. New clients this year include New York Newsday (a daily newspaper with quick turnaround deadlines, often same day), plus a major book project for St. Mary’s Press (for which they flew me out to their Winona Minnesota locale for ‘in person’ consultation). The CRC continued to give me a lot of school curriculum work, plus Legal Times kept me very busy with bi-monthly assignments.

Baptist Brotherhood, 1994 (and reused for a promo postcard later that year)

I was becoming much more proficient with the Scratchboard style, and it was becoming the main style for which I was known at the time. I was still however doing a lot of cartoon work for certain clients, and experimenting with a new ‘acrylic paint’ style, which, while interesting, never quite took off (but which led to some painterly styles in later years when I switched over to digital illustration).

Christian Reformed Church, 1994

I also took on a few questionable book assignments, both for Dove Audio, which are explained in detail in their own blog posts. The regular clients at this time include Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, Legal Times, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Metro Creative Graphics, Christianity Today, Strang Communications, Oxendine Publishing, CRC Publications, Cricket, Cobblestone, Gemini Publications, among others.

Newsday, 1994