Dirty Work


This was another assignment for Cricket, and one of the earliest color pieces (previously they had published interior stories in 2 color process). This was a story about the development of soap and detergent, and how cleaners remove dirt from fabrics. The only original art to survive was the hand lettering that I did for the project (above), and the other image was one that I scanned from the pages of the magazine (a copy in my collection). There were four other illustrations in the project, two in black and grey wash, and two more in color, but I didn’t bother to include them here. It is interesting to see how my ‘cartoon characters’ have evolved over the years. They started off almost like amoebas, with blobby little bodies and huge noses, little spindly legs and arms, and eventually got a little more human in shape as the years progressed, until today where they are almost normal looking.