Cartoon Spots

Gemini Publications

Starting in 1989 I began contributing cartoon illustrations to Gemini Publications, who put out Grand Rapids Magazine, Grand Rapids Parent, and the Grand Rapids Business Journal. It started out with one a month for a while, but as they added publications and regular columns I was doing anywhere from 2-4 illustrations a month by the time I made the switch to digital in ’97. These early ones were usually in black and white, and I didn’t keep very good records of when any of these may have been drawn. I remember a lot of them were never returned for the longest time, but then sometime in the late 90s they had a cleaning binge and sent me a huge envelope full of old drawings, which I had completely forgotten about. The cartoons on this page were for this same client, and may have appeared anywhere from the early to late 90s. These were all probably dating from the mid to late nineties, I remember that when I started out, I was doing black line and grey wash for the first year or so, and eventually settled on line work when I discovered that the grey wash wasn’t reproducing all that well on the newsprint that they used for some of the magazines. Once I made the switch to digital in ’97, they started using more full color work.