Metro Creative Graphics – Clip Art Client

Metro Creative Graphics

In November of 1992, I had my first assignment from a New York Clip Art Firm, Metro Creative Graphics. This would remain a fairly steady client of mine through 1999. I don’t think any of the artwork I did for them was returned to me, and since nearly all of it was done ‘pre-digital’, I have little or no memory of most of the jobs that I did for this company. I would find myself occasionally running across familiar looking ‘clip art’ from time to time on flyers or in newspaper ads, but I could never quite be sure that it was something I did or not. A handful of samples survive from the last few jobs that I did for them, once I had gone ‘digital’ in the late 90s, but most of it has completely faded into obscurity (a rough estimate of approximately 250 illustrations over about 8 years).

Dollar Bills

Strang Publications

This one was for Strang Publications. The colors didn’t turn out too well in the scan (subtle greens and blues seem to have a hard time with my scanner, and this one was fighting with a lot of shiny black in the preacher’s coat, which may have affected it).