Police (first Chronicle of Higher Education Assignment)


This was the first illustration I did for the Chronicle of Higher Education. This client would go on to be one of my favorites, keeping me busy with interesting and challenging assignments throughout my career to the present day, and for being some of the most pleasant people to work for that I’ve run across. The artwork for this assignment would certainly have been lost to my infrequent flat file purges, if not for the fact that it lay dormant in the Chronicle’s offices for over fifteen years before being returned to me in the summer of ’07. It was interesting to see some of these early scratchboard efforts again after such a long time, and was probably the impetus behind me starting this blog, and taking a good long look at my old work, as painful as it might be.

Also this month, marked the first assignment from another source, who would prove to be one of my biggest clients during the 90s. The Christian Reformed Church here in Grand Rapids gave me a cover assignment for their magazine The Banner this month, due to a recommendation by the art director at Eerdmans.