Postcard Series and Another Magnet

Self Promotion

Sometime in ’92 I sent out a series of postcards on a monthly basis, with similar design, as a way of beating clients over the head with my presence. Of the four, I think I was most pleased (then and now) with the image above, for reasons of style and concept. I’m getting to the point in my ‘self promotion history’, where I loook back at these promotional pieces and wonder how I managed to attract any clients at all.

I also tried another ‘magnet’ promotion, this one a bit bigger and with slightly bigger mailing list. The thought was that it could go on someone’s filing cabinet as a friendly reminder. I wasn’t anticipating the ‘computer’ users and how the stealth magnet arriving in their mail in-box could play havoc with floppy discs and other digital media.

Front of Magnet, 1992
Art for Brochure Enclosure for Magnet, 1992