Can Drive and a Rash of New Clients

Christianity Today

This was a greyscale image that I did for Marriage Partnership Magazine (Christianity Today). This was one of those rare occasions that I used my more traditional ‘cartoon style’ for this client, otherwise sticking to a modified ‘caricature style’ in pen and ink. This one was regarding a ‘can drive’ put on by a library.

Also this month I gained a few more new clients. These would prove to be some nice repeat customers for me over the coming years. One of them was Zillions magazine, a children’s version of Consumer Reports who gave me a nice big job consisting of 15 spot illustrations (which don’t survive, unfortunately). The other magazine client was Home Office Computing. The job description in my records doesn’t ring a bell, and the artwork is long since gone.


Worldwide Church of God

These three illustrations were done for the Worldwide Church of God’s teen magazine ‘Youth 92’ in March of ’92. It is interesting to see what I imagined a ‘laptop computer’ to look like at this early date (pictured below).