Portrait Assignment


In February of ’92 I started a long work association with a local representative (she covered mostly the Western Michigan, Detroit and Chicago markets). I don’t have very good records for the jobs that I did for her, so most of the samples that I post will be pure guesswork. This pastel portrait was possibly an agent commision sometime in the early 90s (or it could very well have been for one of my ‘religious clients’ as it was found among other samples of that sort).

Fallback Position

Legal Times, Worldwide Church of God

This illustration was for Legal Times. While I had been doing mostly scratchboard illustration for this client, every once in a while I would fall back on my old ‘crosshatching’ style that I used to do a lot of back in the 80s whenever the rare illustration assignment would crop up at my ‘quick printer’ job. Sometimes it was due to expediency issues, or perhaps I was ‘out’ of scratchboard paper and needed to make a trip to the art store, or in some cases, I was working at a remote location and didn’t have my usual art materials handy. But every once in a while, I just thought the style might fit the image better.

I also found this job for the Worldwide Church of God that I did in February of 92, for which I still have the original artwork. Not a very good scan, the colors in the chalkboard were much more interesting in the original.

Also in February, I had a spot assignment from Atlantic City Magazine. My records indicate it was some sort of ‘outer space’ cartoon, probably as a result of the magnet promotion I sent out the previous fall.

Mystery Agent Assignment


This rather involved scratchboard illustration was another agent assignment, possibly for a local advertising agency. Records are sketchy at best regarding work for my agent, so, I have no idea of the exact date or client for this particular piece. I’m guessing it was sometime in ’92 or ’93.