1992 – Settling In

Year In Review
American Medical News, 1992

In this, my fourth year of business, I was starting to settle in on a routine. I was managing to hold on to several regular clients who were keeping me busy on a month to month basis, plus I was getting several new clients intrigued by my promotional materials. The regulars around this time included Christianity Today (Marriage Partnership Magazine), The Worldwide Church of God (Youth 90 Magazine), Strang Publications, Oxendine Publications, Gemini Publications, Legal Times, and the publishing arm of the Christian Reformed Church.

Chronicle of Higher Education, 1992

New clients this year included The Chronicle of Higher Education (a client who would keep me busy for the next thirty years), and Metro Creative Graphics, a clip art firm who would give me regular assignments for the next ten years.

Unknown client, through my agent, 1992

Also this year, I signed on with a local agent, Teri O Driscoll, who covered the Michigan and Chicago regions. We would work together for the next ten years or so.

CRC Publications, 1992
Worldwide Church of God, 1992