January Assignments

Christianity Today

This was another caricature assignment for Marriage Partnership Magazine (Christianity Today). I don’t quite remember the slant on this one, other than everybody’s named ‘Bob’.

According to my records, I also had a cover assignment this month for the New Jersey Law Journal (although I don’t remember it), and started work on rough layouts for a book project for Eerdmans that I would complete later on in the year. I also had a color full page illustration for Strang Communications this month, that has survived, and which I will post as soon as I get it scanned.

1991 Year in Review

Year In Review

Some big changes this year. We bought a new house and moved to the north side of Grand Rapids in the fall of the year (amazingly getting a loan based on my sketchy income).

Picked up a few new clients that helped with more ‘regular assignments’, plus had a few book projects which were fun, but an awful lot of work. Still several local clients as my ‘bread and butter’, but more and more national clients were coming on board, and I was getting a little more creative with marketing and promotion. My cartooning style was garnering me some ‘children’s publication’ clients like Weekly Reader, The Children’s Television Workshop, and Cricket. I also began getting a lot of work from ‘religious’ publications, like Christianity Today, The Worldwide Church of God, Strang Communications, US Catholic, Baptist Brotherhood. Also this year I began some lasting relationships with publications like Legal Times (who would keep me busy for most of the decade), Oxendine Publishing, and Dell Magazines (Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine).

Less pastels this year (although I wouldn’t give up this style for another couple years completely), and I started selling much more scratchboard work and cartooning (which would eventually end up being my two main styles in later years).

In 1991, I completed approximately 251 illustrations. My first two years of business (89 & 91) combined was 262, bringing the total illustration tally up to 513.

As with most of these ‘early years’, very little work has survived, but I’ve managed to find a few samples to post. Anyhow, these are what I consider the ‘best’ work of ’91.