Alfred Hitchcock #18




Eighteenth Assignment for Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine. I’ve been gifted a large sampling of tearsheets from a Mr. Bruce Harris of New Jersey (writing this in 2018) of many of my earliest illustration assignments for AHMM (a lot of the original art has been lost). A lot of these drawings are really ‘cringe-worthy’ to my eyes, and it is taking a lot of courage to share these on this blog. I’m frankly amazed that I was able to keep getting repeat business from drawings of this type, and looking back now, from a thirty year perspective, they look incredibly amateurish. But at the same time, it is interesting to see how various techniques evolved, and how others were abandoned, and how despite the naivety of the drawing styles, a sense of concept and design still seems to hold up.

Follow the Bouncing Ball


This was another textbook cover for MacMillan’s college division, which I did a fair share of during the years ’90 and ’91. All were in pastels, and I had earlier thought I had lost most of these originals, but some┬áhave recently been found. This was a textbook on physical education.


Self Promotion

This piece was drawn especially for the postcard usage, and was meant to promote my scratchboard style, in a color format as opposed to the black and white which I had been pushing heavily the first few years. I also wanted to do an unusual image that might grab attention. Still a bit primitive in technique, but the angel & devil figures turned out quite nice.

Moving Postcard

self portrait, Self Promotion

In the fall of ’91, we moved from our first home on the west side of Grand Rapids, to a riverfront property on the north side (where we still reside as of ’08 when this was written, and still in ’18 when this post was moved to the new blog). I used the opportunity to send out a ‘change of address postcard’ to current and future clients.