Alfred Hitchcock #16




Sixteenth assignment for Alfred Hitchcock. The scratchboard style is still pretty rough, even now after a couple years of these, but I’m seeing signs of improvement (like in the details of the tee shirt back), and I’m still thinking that the layout and concepts are pretty solid. Thanks to Bruce Harris of New Jersey for these samples of my early work (posting in 2018).



This was probably one of the last of the ‘big pastels’ that I did during the period of ’88-91. After we moved to the new house (September of ’01), I did less and less pastel work that wasn’t specifically a client assignment.

Mired in It

Strang Publications

These two illustrations were both for Strang Communications in July. The one above was a large horizontal across two pages, and the one below was a full page illustration. Not being particularly religious myself, I often felt very uncomfortable with how much of my clientele was of the Evangelical bent back in the early days of my career. But I really couldn’t afford to be picky at this point, and so… heavy handed bloody scythes for an article on abortion, and a lot of pulpits and crosses and churches.