Textbook Cover




Another recently unearthed textbook cover that I did for MacMillan around 1990-91. I managed to find this one on eBay and purchased a copy for my library (from which the photo above is taken – writing this in 2018). An insane amount of detail in this picture, to try and pull off with pastels, one of the reasons I stopped working in this medium. Customers kept wanting more and more going on in the picture, when the medium seemed to work better with less and less complicated subject matter.

Mystery Job


Another illustration for which I can find no clues as to the client or date. I didn’t do too many of these ‘colored pencil’ illustrations, so that would probably date it from the early 90s. I do remember being specifically directed by the client to do one of those ‘big head – hyper forced perspective’ images that were popular in stock photography at the time, which didn’t do much for my enthusiasm for this particular project.