Alfred Hitchcock #14




Fourteenth assignment for Alfred Hitchcock. The rendering of the hands and the buildings are all pretty poorly done, but I am liking the layout and concepts of these early efforts. Thanks to Bruce Harris of New Jersey for samples from these early issues (most of the artwork has disappeared over the years, so I haven’t seen many of these for almost three decades).

Mosquito Date

Worldwide Church of God

This was another cartoon assignment from The Worldwide Church of God’s teen magazine ‘Youth 91’. I wish the scan had turned out better on this one, there was some very nice color in the original. The cartoon assignments from this client (and several for a local regional publication) were my experimental breeding ground for what would eventually become my ‘cartoon style’. The final refinements would occur around the new millenium, when I started getting a lot of book projects with hundreds of cartoons per batch. But it is interesting to see these early experiments. Crude in many ways, but there were some interesting things going on all the same that I would do well to try and remember and replicate.