Alfred Hitchcock 13




Thirteenth assignment for Alfred Hitchcock. Still working the bugs out of this scratchboard style, but despite the technique shortcomings, I must say I still like the concepts and layouts. A lot of these early samples are thanks to Bruce Harris of New Jersey, who has been recently sending me samples of my early work from his collection of back issues. (posting this in 2018)

Pastel Assignment

Strang Publications

This assignment was another for Strang Publications down in Florida, and was for an article entitled something like ‘under the umbrella’. One of the problems with working with pastels, I discovered, was the fact that I had to work on a relatively large scale in order to get any kind of detail into the picture. This one ended up having to be about twice the size of the finished page. This also made shipping a problem, and probably caused a headache on the other end, trying to find a scanner big enough to take a picture of it.

Speaking of Florida, sometime this month we drove down to Florida to visit my Grandmother, which I remember due to the fact that at around the same time, I got a another new client while we were down there. The Weekly Reader called up with a rush job, and I remember having to do the job on my Grandmother’s dining room table, and trying to track down a fax machine and fed x drop off box in the area (western Florida, which was still largely undeveloped at this time). Glad I went to the trouble, because they gave me quite a few projects over the coming months.