Alfred Hitchcock #12




Twelfth assignment for Alfred Hitchcock. Probably one of my least favorite of these early ones (the hands are just horrible, and what’s up with that tie?). Anyhow, a lot of these early scratchboards for AHMM were lost, and I’m recently (2018) getting a look at them for the first time in nearly thirty years thanks to a Mr. Bruce Harris of New Jersey who has been sending me some samples from his collection.

Full Page Color Cartoon Assignment

Children's Television Workshop

This was a first assignment for The Children’s Television Workshop for their magazine ‘Kid City’, another new client for February. My cartoon style was starting to finally develop a personality of its own, but there were still a lot of growing pains to work through. This was a fun assignment, for which the original artwork has long since vanished, but I did manage to hang on to a color tearsheet, from which this scan is taken.