1991 – Success at Last

Year In Review
Children’s Television Workshop, 1991

I suppose 1991 was the first year where I really felt confident that this freelancing “gig” was really going to work. I was somehow able to convince a bank to give us a mortgage on our new home based on my salary, and new clients were signing on, as well as older clients coming back for repeat business.

Legal Times, 1991

New clients in 1991 included Legal Times (who I would get steady work from for the next decade), Children’s Television Workshop, Oxendine Publishing (another client who I would work for steadily for the next decade), Christianity Today, amongst others. Still doing book cover assignments for MacMillan this year, plus a lot of repeat work for Strang Publishing and the Worldwide Church of God. I also had my very first assignment for a local client, CRC Publications, who would prove to be one of my biggest clients over the next ten years.

Strang Publications, 1991

One of the biggest highlights of the year came, when Eerdman’s Publishing gave me the assignment to revise the illustrations for one of their children’s poetry titles (a translation from the Dutch of ‘Pink Lemonade’). I have devoted an entire post to this project.

MacMillan Publishing, 1991