Alfred Hitchcock Illustration




This illustration would have been my tenth illustration for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. Still quite crude in execution, but must’ve been interesting enough of a style to keep them coming back for more (I was in nearly every issue the following year).

A big thank you to Bruce Harris of New Jersey for heeding my plea for back issues. Most of theĀ originals of theseĀ early illustrations were lost, and I am only now seeing them again for the first time in almost thirty years.

Alfred Hitchcock #8




This was the 8th assignment for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. As far as I know, this was the first time I was given a ‘full page’ to fill. I obviously snuck a self portrait into this one (who else better to portray a creepy shut-in, as I was starting to picture myself after two years at working from home). Most of the early artwork for these AHMM assignments have been lost, and a big thanks to Bruce Harris from New Jersey for sending me tearsheets of these early illustrations.