Textbook Cover


In April of ’90 I had the first of several textbook cover assignments from MacMillan’s textbook division. All were pastels, and this first one was my favorite of the bunch. This was for a sex textbook, and the client wanted an image with ambiguous figures on it, so that it could apply to both hetero and homosexual partners without being too exclusionary. This was one of my earliest ‘big projects’ in my freelance career, and went a long way towards building my confidence and keeping me going through the difficult periods. The book is still available used on Amazon.┬áThe problem with pastel as an illustration medium is mostly due to the fragility of the medium, as it is prone to smudging even with generous amounts of fixative (which discolors the image, so I hated to use it), and shipping the artwork was a particular pain. Amazingly this has survived in my flat files for nearly twenty years, but it shows a lot of age, with various smudges and mars on the surface.