Limited Edition Poster Market


flamingosIn the early days of my career, I was doing a lot of searching around, trying to find my niche. I wanted to make a living ‘drawing pictures’, but I had no idea of where I fit in. For a while, I was trying to turn the pastel techniques that I had learned in those early Life Drawing classes into some sort of ‘fine art’ career, or perhaps a sale to some ‘Limited Edition Poster’ company. This was another of my early efforts along those lines. Probably dating from around 1988 or 1989 from a photo my wife had taken at the San Diego Zoo on a recent trip to California to see my brother.


Early Magazine Ad

Self Promotion

Also, during this first year in business, I placed a small ad in an industry magazine (I don’t even remember the name of the magazine). It only ran once and as far as I know, passed relatively unnoticed. I wouldn’t do another ‘magazine ad’ for nearly two decades, when I took the ‘ispot’ up on one of of their ‘Communication Arts’ ad specials.