My Life in Pictures Part Nine

Early Influences



It was somewhere around the age of 17 or 18 that I picked up my first issue of “Heavy Metal” at a Lansing comic book store. I had been reading comics off and on since my early obsession with Mad Magazine, but I had never really been much of a fan of the traditional superhero comics put out by Marvel and DC. My first purchase of an issue of HM, would have involved a bit of subterfuge on my part, as the frequent appearance of naked ladies and a casual attitude towards sex and violence that was depicted in this magazine was certainly something my parents would not have approved of.



I was almost immediately drawn towards one particular artist, a frenchman who went by the name of “Moebius” (Jean Giraud). The line work, composition and colors really grabbed me, and for several years I was shamelessly aping his style in my own work (especially in college, and for years afterwards). I was an avid collector of HM for about 4 years, and a subscriber for a time, but eventually the overall tone of the magazine started to seem rather juvenile and gratuitous to me, and my interest waned. However, I have retained my love and respect for Moebius’s work, and still seek it out to marvel over right up to the present day.