Good Old Caduceus

Barrons, Chicago Magazine, ChronicleHE, Newsday, WSJ

If there this one guarantee when you enter into the freelance illustration business, it is that you will be dealing in a lot of visual cliches. Yesterday had another crack at drawing a caduceus for Barrons, and I’ve done plenty over the past 27 plus years. Like their good friends: Uncle Sam, Lady Justice, the Top Hatted Millionaire, the Cap and Gown Graduate, The Bear and the Bull, and too many others to mention, they pop up again and again. Below, I’ve collected a sampling of caduceus illustrations from other clients (Wall Street Journal, Newsday, the Chronicle of Higher Education, Chicago Magazine, among others) just for fun.

Tying up Loose Ends

Barrons, David Carrier Law, Delaware Today, Today Media

Going to be taking a little time off for the holidays, and planning on being back in the office around New Years (the band’s got a NYE gig), then out again until mid-January. Work, of course, has begun to pick up in anticipation of my trying to leave, so I’ve spent the last few weeks frantically working to keep the time off from causing problems with deadlines. The above illustration is one I did this morning for Delaware Today (featuring likenesses of several Delaware-area women politicians). Below is a series of spot illustrations for Barrons (nice to hear from them again, it had been a while) that I did last week. Also this past weekend I had a couple of very busy days putting together a few more ‘comic strip ads’ for a local law firm (apparently the ones I did a few months ago have been a big hit and they want to make this an ongoing series).

Dow Jones Work

Barrons, WSJ

Here’s a few pieces I did for Dow Jones over the past few weeks. The one above was for Barrons, and the one below was a series of spots for the WSJ. Also currently working on a few book projects, that will, for now, have to remain under wraps. My band is also in the home stretch on their third CD which we hope to release in June, so I’ve been spending most of my little remaining free time working on mixing, mastering and package design (which I’ll post as soon as it becomes finalized).

Busy Week

Barrons, Llewellyn, US Catholic

Nice to have a busy, hectic week for a change, filled with a variety of projects (halfway through the week, with more to do by the weekend). Had a couple new interesting projects come my way over the weekend (more on those in the future). Working on my annual ‘witches’ project for Llewellyn, plus a piece for Barrons and an unusual portrait assignment for US Catholic. Meanwhile, started on recordings for the Jukejoint Handmedowns upcoming CD release, and have joined the Kent Philharmonia on bass, who are going to be playing Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony for their spring concert this year (which means LOTS of practicing, as it is the most difficult piece of music I’ve ever laid eyes on).
You can click on the small thumbnails to see a larger version of each illustration.