It’s the Economy, Stupid

Barrons, WSJ

The overwhelming majority of my illustration projects this year continue to revolve around the poor economy. It was interesting to note that I proposed a ‘depression-istic’ illustration concept in the middle of 2008 to the Journal, and it was rejected out of hand as being much too ‘alarmist’. Now here we are six months later, and the depression concepts are starting to get a bit easier to swallow. The above illustration, for the Wall Street Journal last weekend, was on the ‘fear of unemployment’ topic, and the illustration below, was another rush job for the same client, this one on ‘furloughs’ as an alternative to getting ‘laid off’.

I also had a couple of dire financial illustrations this past week for Barrons, the one above on ‘money disappearing’ acts, and the one below on consumers taking on the bank’s toxic assets.

I continue to work on the ‘game board’ project this month, and should have some samples in the coming weeks.