Been a While


MortgageFinishwebI heard from a client last weekend whom I haven’t worked with in almost five years, thanks to a random encounter through my new Instagram account. At one time, the Wall Street Journal would have accounted for at least 1/3 to 1/2 of my yearly workload. The last time I worked with them was in 2015. Nice to have a chance at one of their assignments again. This one was a feature illustration plus a couple of small spots that could be sprinkled around the article. Thanks Kris!

MortgageSpotsFinishwebIn the meantime, I’m still waiting around for a couple of book projects to get going. Should have a major announcement coming soon.




Presidents Continued: George Bush

Barrons, Legal Times, Newsday, WSJ



Continuing with my ‘President’s Day’ Illustration Tribute, showcasing most of the Presidential illustrations I’ve done in the past thirty years.

The period from 2000-2008 was the busiest time in my career, and just so happened to coincide with George W Bush’s presidency. As a consequence, I have more illustrations of Dubya than of any other president (although Trump is starting to ridiculously come close, after only a year in office, and only half as many assignments). Most of these illustrations come from either Newsday, Legal Times, Barrons or the Wall Street Journal (although there are a few from other sources). I struggled with his likeness for a very short while at the start (would have preferred Gore had won for many reasons, one of which being the ease at which he was to draw), but once I had several of them under my belt, it got to be where I could draw him with little or no reference material. Anyhow, here’s ‘most’ of the George Bush illustrations I have in my files (there are a few more, but aren’t worth the time to drag out into the light).

I’ll be moving on to Obama, and finally the current resident of Pennsylvania Ave, tomorrow, more than likely.



Good Old Caduceus

Barrons, Chicago Magazine, ChronicleHE, Newsday, WSJ

If there this one guarantee when you enter into the freelance illustration business, it is that you will be dealing in a lot of visual cliches. Yesterday had another crack at drawing a caduceus for Barrons, and I’ve done plenty over the past 27 plus years. Like their good friends: Uncle Sam, Lady Justice, the Top Hatted Millionaire, the Cap and Gown Graduate, The Bear and the Bull, and too many others to mention, they pop up again and again. Below, I’ve collected a sampling of caduceus illustrations from other clients (Wall Street Journal, Newsday, the Chronicle of Higher Education, Chicago Magazine, among others) just for fun.

Late November and Winter is Closing In

ChronicleHE, WSJ

After a trip to Germany in the early part of the month, arrived home to a few projects that almost felt like ‘old times’, a series of spots for the Wall Street Journal (pictured below) and an updated version of an old illustration for the Chronicle of Higher Education (pictured above – they had an older small black and white illustration that I did probably in 2005 that seemed to fit the story, and originally wanted to reprint it, but I was unable to make that work, so revised with some new artwork). Nearing Thanksgiving now, and I’ve just started work on sketches for a new book project, and am contemplating doing something radically different with my self-promotion in the coming year (more details on this to come).

Dow Jones Work

Barrons, WSJ

Here’s a few pieces I did for Dow Jones over the past few weeks. The one above was for Barrons, and the one below was a series of spots for the WSJ. Also currently working on a few book projects, that will, for now, have to remain under wraps. My band is also in the home stretch on their third CD which we hope to release in June, so I’ve been spending most of my little remaining free time working on mixing, mastering and package design (which I’ll post as soon as it becomes finalized).