Sketches Sketches Sketches

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Just finished up the sketch phase of an upcoming book project this morning (80 illustrations total), and also had a few sketches for upcoming projects come due the past few days, so I thought I’d post a few of them. Starting work tomorrow on another coloring book project, and have a few book projects lined up for the coming months. Still in the middle of the ‘summer doldrums’, but there are indications that work its starting to pick up again after a long dry spell. The sketch above is for a magazine assignment that I’ll be finishing up next week (sort of a ‘Hunger Games/Mad Max’ scenario with toddlers competing for pre-school admissions), and the two below are for a corporate holiday greeting card, that may or may not go to finish in the following months.

The Ongoing Battle

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The ongoing ‘Dad Health Drama’ continues for a third straight month, now complicated by the fact that he is now living in Cleveland at my sister’s house (a six hour drive from Grand Rapids), and oddly enough, business now chooses this time to pick up speed, and I’m busier than I’ve been at any point this year. I’ve not had much time to post here or on my Tumblr site for the past week or so, but I’m going to try and get current as best I can today. I’ve been working on yet another book project that I can’t share samples of here due to contractual obligations, which has been keeping me fairly occupied on a daily basis (due date for this group of 80 some illustrations is early December, after which I’ll be taking a long overdue short vacation for my 30th wedding anniversary). In the meantime, I’ve also been doing quite a few projects with shorter deadlines for some old established clients, and a few new ones as well. Above was a fiction illustration for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine which I did last week, and below is an illustration for the Chronicle of Higher Education, that I did this morning.

For a new client, over this past week, I’ve done a series of 10 illustrations (mostly portraits, but with a few ‘organizations’ thrown in as well), and since it was titled a ‘Rogue’s Gallery’, I attempted to emulate the look and feel of old mug shot photos.

Another new client dropped in my lap on the same day, and I did a christmas card design for them (pictured below, and click on the small image for a larger detailed version), which spread across a three fold layout, printed with silver ink on a blue card stock (unusual, in that I actually supplied them an inverted negative image to print, since they were using a light ink on dark background).

Also, last week, I did an unusual ‘outer space’ scene for US Catholic, an illustration for the Wall Street Journal on soaring bond values, and one for Barrons on Central and South American investing (all pictured below).