Picking Up Steam

AHMM, ChronicleHE, Green Prints, OC Weekly, WSJ

The workload started picking up a little steam around my birthday on Friday. I had two assignments for the WSJ (one pictured above that I did on Friday afternoon, and a two part spot that I finished up this morning is pictured below), a new client from the West Coast, and the possibility of a few more books coming soon. Had a rather busy weekend, trying to make sure I wouldn’t be too swamped on Monday, and it paid off, so that I might actually be able to get a little ahead of the game this week.

The illustration for the new client was a cover image about a pastor who ministers to the punk community, which I spent a great deal of time on Sunday, in fact getting 30% finished with another version, before getting frustrated and starting all over again with a different approach.

Prior to the weekend, I finished up a series of bw spots for GreenPrints and they are pictured below.

And finally, a fiction piece for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine which I just finished up moments ago.