Catching Up

Llewellyn, The Strand Magazine

A few moments to spare this afternoon, so I’ll post a few more samples from the past month. Above and below (in fact, all the black and white scratchboard pieces in this post) are from the annual ‘Witches Companion’ project that I’ve been doing for Llewellyn Publications for the past 8 or so years. (the color cover illustration I usually do in the fall of the year, and the interior illustrations are shared among several illustrators and tend to be due in January or February). This year I had a rather large batch of them (17 of them), but only a few of them were full page size.

This past weekend I had a few fiction pieces for The Strand Magazine (pictured below).

New Client

The Strand Magazine


New client this past weekend, The Strand Magazine. Here’s an illustration for a short ‘drama’ by William Faulkner that I attempted to do in an ‘JC Leyendecker’ style (but only served to point out how amazing his work was and how far short my own skill set compares). Mostly this project allowed me to play around with the new paint tools in the 2016 Painter software.