Valentines Weekend

Llewellyn, NEAToday

Heading in to the weekend. Finished up a cover illustration for a new client (see bottom of this post), and I’ve started on a few of the Llewellyn Witches Companion Interiors (getting them done early to make room for other assignments that are waiting in the wings). I’ll likely be working on these over the weekend, so more to come on Monday.

Multiple Irons in the Fire


Early in the week, and I’m working on several projects concurrently. Above is a rough sketch for an Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine story, and below is a rough sketch for an upcoming magazine cover assignment (which I will be finishing up later this week). I’m also working on some black and white spots for an upcoming book project (some dice used as chapter opener spots pictured below). I’ve been given the go-ahead on the Witches Companion sketches from a previous post, so I’ll likely be working on those as the month progresses, plus I’m waiting on several book projects that will be gaining steam in the next few weeks. Nice to be busy again.