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Noticed this ‘internet anniversary’ thing going around instagram this morning, and after a little research, it looks like it’s been going on for many a year. As usual, very late to this party, but thought I’d put together one for this year, and do the obligatory ‘social media’ posts. Haven’t done a recent photo in years, and, yep, looking a bit older.


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I was originally going to do a ‘Krampus comic’ on a single postcard for this year’s holiday card, but after discovering this new retro comics tool for photoshop, my wife suggested that I do a mini comic book instead. The plan is to do it on two 8.5×11 folded sheets and then saddle stapled. So it will be a total of 8 pages long and I have grand plans to do a mini ‘origins’ story, plus spoof several of the old comic book ads for the inside front and back covers. Stay tuned as this project comes together. Also, if you are not already on my holiday mailing list (usually friends and family and current clients), drop me an email and I’ll add you, as I’ll be mailing out approximately 250 of these this holiday season

I’m continuing to work on this project in my spare time over the next month, and will update this post with more of the finished pages (see below).

Sterling Hayden

Self Promotion

Had some time today, and it had been a while since I’ve done something just for fun. Here’s Sterling Hayden with one of my favorite lines from the film “The Asphalt Jungle” (currently showing on the Criterion channel).

Joan Sketch

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Worked up a rough sketch this afternoon for a personal self promo illustration. One of the few upsides to 2020 has been the discovery of the Criterion Channel. I’ve long been an old movie buff, and I’ve been enjoying the programming this subscription service has been offering this summer. This past month I’ve been wallowing in old Joan Crawford movies.

This past year, I’ve also started doing a lot more of my rough sketches in a blue pencil (well, digital blue pencil, anyways). It seems to take me back to my days as a paste-up artist in the 80s, using the non-repro blue pencils. Though I only do this for personal projects, as I don’t want to confuse my clients (“this is fine, but are you planning on doing it in blue?”).