Odds and Ends

Arthritis Today, Consumer Reports, Legal Times, Recorder, Zillions

The above illustration, for the Recorder, was a large two page spread that dealt with some sort of ‘copyright issues’ that may come to a head at a certain date (maybe when original copyrights expire?). I don’t quite remember all the details involved in this one.
Meanwhile, on the east coast, I had a piece for Legal Times involving a well known ‘salt company’. The client wanted a female lawyer along the lines of the company’s recognizable logo.

Also this month, I had an unusual assignment from a new client, Arthritis Today, something rather esoteric, where they wanted an illustration depicting ‘rage’. I tried doing something a little different, but I dont’ think it was all that successful.

And finally, this month, I had a ‘puzzle’ assignment for Zillions (Consumer Reports). This one involved anagrams on a list of ‘to do’ chores. A rare assignment where I’m asked to do lettering (not my strong suit by any means)