February Scratchboard Roundup

Bartender, ChronicleHE, Legal Times, Newsday

The above illustration and the one to the left were both for Legal Times in February. The ‘wizard of oz’ illo above was one of those ‘money saving’ assignments where the editors ask for one big complicated illustration that can then be cut up into five or six different spot illustrations for reuse on the interior. It usually makes for a complex mess of an image, and this one was no exception, although it is better than most of its brethren. There were in fact many sections of the art that I liked a lot; the ‘dorothy and her posse’ group, the monkey with the paints, and the poppies, but a lot of the additional bits and pieces were a bit of a stretch conceptually and got in the way of a nice illustration. I ended up using a couple bits and pieces later for a promo mailing. The illustration to the left was another in a long line of ‘Ken Starr’ illustrations I’ve been doing for this publication around this time.

I had a few pieces for the Chronicle of Higher Education this month involving education and computers, and these both turned out quite nice. Rather simple in concept and clean in execution.

The illustration below was for Newsday, and had something to do with the Secret Service. Getting more mileage out of that old ‘see no evil’ cliche. Below that was another cliche variation for the same client, this one on ‘drug advice’ for teens.

I also had a rather unusual assignment from a new client this month, Bartender Magazine .I was asked to draw a male figure and a female figure as medical ‘cutaways’ to show the ‘anatomy of a bartender’. The two figures were combined for a cover illustration (pictured below). This job probably came about because of an illustration that I included in my latest mailing brochure. A similar scratchboard ‘anatomy’ drawing that I had done for Strang Communications back in ’92.