April Shower of Cartoons

Innovision, Newsday, United Methodist Communications

For a Methodist publication in April, I had a couple of cartoon ‘series’ illustrations. Most of these were about the same size, but showed different stages in a particular narrative. I’ve shown one larger above to better show the details, and the rest in this series are pictured below on a smaller scale. this story involved a childhood incident involving a set of railroad tracks, and I’m sure there are some lessons to be learned about ‘cooperation’.

Another series for the same client was the sequence below, something about an unruly child in church. I obviously saved a little time on this one by cloning the background. Probably should have varied the background expressions and poses a bit, at least with the three foremost characters, but I was probably cutting corners due to the limits of the budget for this project.

I also had a cartoon assignment this month from my east coast newspaper client. This was a piece on the failing bodies of the baby boomer generation.