Strides and Stumbles

Farmers Association, Recorder

I had a couple of full page color assignments from The Recorder magazine this month, the first assignments from this client, which started a relationship that lasted for a couple years of fairly steady work. This client was affiliated with Legal Times, a newspaper client that I had been working for since the early nineties, but only started contacting me once I started working digitally (probably due to the ease of transferring files across the country). The above illustration was a caricature of Bill Gates, which was a lot of fun, even though I probably wouldn’t mix the styles like this these days. I also made a boo boo on the original illustration (which found its way to print) where I had put his hands on backwards, with the thumbs pointing in the wrong directions. I subsequently revised the illustration for later self promotion usage, but it was still an embarassing moment.

The illustration below was another for the same client, and while it was a challenge, I didn’t quite enjoy the end product nearly as well. Something about figures and people are much more interesting to me than buildings and objects.

And while I was making big strides with assignments like those above, I still had occasional stumbles like the mess to the left. This was for a midwest farmers association. I was given this incredibly awkward concept from the client, and it is obvious that my heart really wasn’t in this one. Digging through the archives, I’ve found quite a few illustrations of mine that surprise me with a certain naivete, and others that betray a lack of skill, but this is one that really makes me cringe on several levels. Thankfully these are few and far between, but I suspect they will only get worse the further back I go.