December Blues

Car Wash News, Log Home Living

There are times in this job of mine, where you are asked to draw some strange things. Some are a little odd, and you aren’t exactly enthused about them, but since this is a business with ups and downs, and it is not always certain when the next phone call will come, you take these projects on, try to put the best face on it, do your best work, then put it in a drawer and hopefully by the next month, you’ve completely forgotten about it.

In some cases it’s just a concept that seems a bit awkward, like the above assignment for Log Home Living. They wanted a ‘game show’ that had something to do with home decor. Not particularly exciting, but I did my best to make it interesting and look good. The spots of the wagon wheel and chair would be sprinkled throughout the article, and a smaller spot with a ‘vanna-like’ character would be also used to spice up the layout.

This project wasn’t all that difficult, and though I wasn’t overly excited about it, it was also something I wasn’t likely to pull out of the sample drawer to show anyone as a good example of my creativity. I was, at best, a little blase about the whole project.

In November, after personal trials and tribulations, and sucker punched by depressing election results . . . I was in the worst possible mood to get approached by a local Car Wash magazine for the embarassing illustration eventually arrived at below. I post it only as a healthy reminder to myself never again to take on a project of this sort.